Kyoto’s largest illumination event “Rohm illumination”

ロームイルミネーションのメタセコイア並木 Four seasons in Kyoto

This time about the winter event “Rohm Illumination” in Kyoto City.


What is Rohm Illumination?

Rohm illumination is one of the events that Kyoto’s famous electronic parts maker “Rohm Co., Ltd.” is doing as part of social contribution.

It is the representative event of Kyoto in winter, anyone can watch for free and it will be the 20th time this year.


Rohm illumination is carried out every year from the latter half of November to the latter half of December around the head office of Rohm Co., Ltd. The nearest station is Hankyu “Sai-in” station.

  • Address: Kyoto-city Ukyo-ku Saiin Mizosaki-cho 21 ROHM CORPORATION Around the headquarters
    • (Along Sai street &  Chudo-ji Temple south street,Nagura Park)
Bus205 or 73 lines “Nishi-Oji-Gojo” bus stop 5 minutes on foot
JR-train15 minutes on foot from Tanbaguchi Station
Hankyu-train15 minutes on foot from Saigyo station or Nishikigo station

Kyoto City’s largest illumination event

Rohm Illumination is an event that everyone knows Kyoto people. It was taught.

I do not know about real, but it is definitely one of the biggest illumination events in Kyoto city, there is no doubt the number of light bulbs used for illumination is about 860,000!!

There may not be really people who do not know if they make this much sharp.

Highlights of Rohm Illumination

Bamboo grove tree

Left and right round trees are the bamboo grove.They are symbol trees of Rohm Illumination.

Although I do not know the unpatterned white part in the photograph, the light bulb which changes to various colors was used in part and the light was lit up in rich colors.

This is quite large size.

Light promenade

Beyond the bamboo tree, you can see trees of metasequoia.

This is really beautiful.

The tree is continuing long.

Large and small kinds of light bulbs are used.

The moon is beautiful.

Light cocktail garden

Cocktail garden.

Meta Sequoia ‘s light promenade was really beautiful.

The venue for the illumination event is not that big. I wonder if I use a bulb in a limited space.

Before going to Rohm Illuminations I went to a restaurant in Saitama with a camel family, so I ate lamb, but when I go straight ahead from the camelians I get rohm illumination. I could see the promenade of light even from a place far away, and it got tensioned as I approached.

I look forward to next year.

Until the end Thank you for reading.

見どころマップ | 京都市最大級:ロームイルミネーション | ローム株式会社 - ROHM Semiconductor