About Administrator of Kyoto-note.com

Administrator of Kyoto-note.com

The administrator K is one of the founders of this website. After working as a hotelier in Kyoto for several years, K switched careers to the world of web marketing without any prior knowledge. On days off, K enjoys touring and exploring Kyoto or working on a laptop at a Tully’s Coffee shop.

K’s favorite food is white rice and anything that makes rice taste delicious.

K’s hobbies include sightseeing and exploring Kyoto, watching movies and YouTube, and taking photos.

While in school, K used to be able to drink milk by the gallon, but now suffers from stomach issues after consuming dairy. K is working hard to lose some of the over 10 kilograms gained in the past two years. Occasionally, K works on friends’ and acquaintances’ websites to help drive traffic.

If you’re having trouble getting traffic to your personal or business website, K is available for consultation.

Although K started collecting temple stamps in 2020, the habit of carrying a stamp book around has not yet been acquired and is a cause for concern. K hopes to collect around 10 temple stamps in 2022.

Starting around June 2022, K will begin updating not only with Kyoto tourism information but also with trendy news and other content that catches K’s interest.

K’s humorous content includes delivering amusing topics and practical information for daily life. Please check out the “Trivia” category.


Activities other than Kyoto-note.com

I launched an SNS-related website on March 23, 2022.

Although we haven’t fully devoted ourselves to operating it yet, we are committed to running it with all our might to provide helpful information for solving problems and issues on social media platforms. We would be grateful for your support in this endeavor as well.