5 shops where kimonos can rent at Kyoto Gion

Experience in Kyoto

In Kyoto, there are services that you can rent kimono for travelers and wear.

I will introduce five shops of kimono at Gion / Higashiyama.

Kimono rental “wargo” Gion Shijo store

It is 2 minutes on foot from Gion Shijo Station.

You can keep your luggage at the shop so you can wander around Kyoto while wearing a kimono.

Business hours9:00〜19:00  ※Kimono return until 18: 30
Regular holidayopen all year round
Place〒605-0802 Maurya Building 3rd Floor Shijo-nawate-dori  kudaru nishigawa 7 Yamato-cho Higashiyama-ku, Kyoto-city
Access2 minutes on foot from exit 6 of “Gion Shijo station” on Keihan main line

Rental kimono “Yume Kyoto” Gion store

“Yume Kyoto” is located immediately after the symbol of Gion “Yasaka Shrine”.

It is also good to wear kimonos and take pictures at Yasaka Shrine.

A hair stylist makes you a hairstyle looking good for kimono.

Optionally, you can return the kimono at the accommodation hotel.

Business hours9:00〜20:00  ※Kimono return until 18:00
Regular holidayopen all year round
Place〒605-0073 Moon Beauty Gion Building 4F 300 Gion-machi kitagawa  Higashiyama-ku Kyoto-city
Access1 minute walk from the Kyoto municipal bus “Gion”

Kimono & Yukata rental “Kyoetsu” Gion Shimbashi store

It is one minute walk to “Tatsumi-bashi” which is a popular sightseeing spot in Gion and an instructive spot.

This shop is not only for women, but also for kimonos for men and children, and can be used with family and couples.

For customers who do not have time, there is a plan to enjoy kimonos inside the shop. With a charged option, you can return the kimono by courier service the next day.

Business hours9:00〜18:30  ※Kimono return until 18:00
Regular holidayopen all year round
Place〒605-0087 51 motoyoshi-cho Higashiyama-ku  Kyoto-City
Access5 minutes on foot from exit 9 of Keihan main line “Gion Shijyo”

Rental kimono “Yume bijin”

This shop is also convenient near “Gion Shijo Station” as well as “Kimono rental wargo Gion Shijo store”.

Kimono rental plan is available from 1,900 yen, and you can enjoy kimono easily.

Business hours10:00〜19:00  ※Kimono return by 17:00
Regular holidayopen all year round
Place〒605-0079 151

(Yamato-Dori-dori)  Tokiwa-Town Higashiyama-ku, Kyoto-city



Gion KIHARU & PHOTO is in a place where I entered a little “Hanami-koji Road” where Kyoto style is felt.

Kenninji is also nearby.

The price will be a bit high, but you can wear fine kimono.

In addition, there is also a service for professional photographers to take portrait photographs for free for all the applicants.

How about one piece in commemoration of Kyoto trip?

Business hours10:00〜19:00  ※Kimono return by 18:30
Regular holidayThursday

570-118 2F Gion-machi minaimgawa Higashiyama-ku Kyoto-city

AccessGet off at “Gion” bus stop of Kyoto municipal bus and walk 1 minute on foot

Experience in Kyoto


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