Kyoto cooking exhibition 2018 in Miyako Messe

京料理展示会2018 Kyoto Tourism

Yesterday, Kyoto cooking exhibition 2018 was held on Miyako Messe on December 14th.

It is an event like this.

There were lots of cooking shops and professional students lined up in the exhibition hall.

Kyoto cooking exhibition 2018



None of them seems to be delicious.

There were some names I even knew. I thought that I should do my best to eat this kind of dish.

I do not understand anything, but I think he was healed when I saw beautiful things.


Kyoto cooking exhibition seems to be 13, 14 every year. Not only was the dish exhibited, but there were booths where you could actually eat meals, a cash winding contest, and Kyoto took off, it was good. I hope to go there again next year.

Kyoto cooking exhibition