“menami” you can enjoy dishes and Obanzai from Sanjyo Ohashi

めなみのおばんざい盛り合わせ Gourmet

This article introduces Menami, an Obanzai restaurant just off the Sanjo Bridge.

“I want to enjoy authentic obanzai in Kyoto.”
If you want to enjoy authentic obanzai in Kyoto in a stylish setting, this is the place for you.

It is recommended for those who want to enjoy authentic obanzai in Kyoto. Please refer to it.




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Old-established small restaurant in Kyoto “Menami”

Located near the Sanjo Ohashi Bridge, Menami is a long-established small restaurant that has been in business for 76 years.

The first floor is mainly a counter and the second floor is a tatami room.

The sight of obanzai lined up on the counter is a common sight in Kyoto restaurants, especially those that serve obanzai.

In fact, this is said to have originated from this restaurant.

Whenever I go to this restaurant, there is a line of obanzai at the counter on the first floor.

Sitting at the counter and listening to the explanation of the obanzai is one of the best parts of this kind of restaurant.

Menu of “Menami”


A menu like this.

My friends who taught this shop said that, “Assorted obanzai is good”, so I ordered it. It’s like daily changing apprenticeship.

Assorted obanzai



Assorted obanzai.


Pork belly and white onion skewer.


Anchovy duck manju.


Steamed cherry tree.


Raw yuba spring roll.

Final words

This is not a restaurant where you can enjoy a large amount of any of the dishes introduced here, so it is recommended for those who are a little more mature.

During the spring season, you can enjoy your meal while admiring the cherry blossom trees along the Takase River from the second floor seats.

I dine here when I am in the mood for a special occasion, or when I am spending time with my dear friends and family.

I would be happy if I could be of any help to you in your trip to Kyoto or your life in Kyoto.

Thank you for reading to the end.




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