“Gion Gonbe” recommended by local people in Gion

“shops or restaurants recommended by people born and raised in Gion”

Do you want to go to that places?

I am Mametako, a hotel staff working in Kyoto Gion.

This time, I will introduce Gonbe, a restaurant recommended by people born and raised in Gion”

You can eat really delicious Oyakodon in this restaurant.

“Gion Gonbe”

Often featured in Japanese tourism magazines, this is a famous local store “Gion Gonbe“.

The local people who taught me the “Gion Gonbe” said, “If I eat oyakodon, I always go to Gion Gonbe.”




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Gion Gonbe menu

Gonbe is famous for udon and soba.

Gion Gonbe” has delicious soup stock.


Oyakodon is also made with the soup stock used for udon and soba so it will be delicious.

Gonbe‘s paper lantern has a soba character.

Gonbe’s exquisite Oyakodon (1,580 yen)

Gonbe‘s oyakodon is a fluffy egg.
It is intertwined with crisp chicken and plays the finest harmony!

The taste of the soup stock is firm and delicious.

I’m also interested in udon and soba noodles.

Eggs are not only on the top, but also entwined with rice, so you can enjoy it until the end.

The yam is on the desk, so it’s more delicious when you put it on.

The amount of Oyakodon is also very good.

The price will be a little higher because of it is a tourist spot.

Inside the restaurant

The store has both a tatami room and a desk.

Since the desk is small, you may feel a little cramped if you have two or more people, but we recommend the seat.

The restaurant in Machiya(町家). You can feel more like Kyoto.

The restaurant is close to Shijo-dori on the main street, but you don’t hear the noise.

How to get to “Gion Gonbe”

Gion Gonbe” is a little north of Gion Shijo-dori.

There is “Izuu” famous for sushi and “Infantry” crowded every day after being introduced on TV.

Also, there is a nearby Gion Shirakawa Bridge that is often used for commercials and filming.

“Gion Gonbe” Detailed Information

Open 11:30~20:00
Holiday Tursday
Address 〒605-0073 Kyoto, Higashiyama Ward, Gionmachi Kitagawa
transportation 4 mins walking from Gion shijō Station
Homepage https://tabelog.com/kyoto/A2601/A260301/26001337/

In my Impressions

I hope you can use it as a reference for your sightseeing in Kyoto.

I am really happy.

Thank you very much for reading until the end.

Oyakodon of “Gonbe” is my favorite Oyakodon!


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