“Gion, Kyoto Boloniya” The legendary Danish bread shop in Gion

What should I buy for Kyoto souvenirs?”

“What is the souveniors except for the usual Kyoto souvenirs”

Do you worry about these when going to Kyoto?

I think if you have been to Kyoto 2 or 3 times, you have worried about these things.

I am Mametako who is a front staff at hotel in Kyoto.

There are many souvenirs in Kyoto.
You will be wondering what to buy when you visit Kyoto.

This time, I will introduce a famous bakery in Gion of Kyoto. When you visit Gion in Kyoto, you can enjoy an excellent bread as a souvenir.

The birthplace of Danish bread “Gion, Kyoto Boloniya”

“Gion, Kyoto Boloniya” is a bakery famous for Danish bread devised in 1979.

The top page of the “Gion, Kyoto Boloniya” website has the words “Original Danish bread”.




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“Gion, Kyoto Boloniya” Danish bread called legendary bread


What is the charm of the original Danish bread of “Gion, Kyoto Boloniya”?

Bolognian Danish bread is the finest bread that has been carefully crafted one by one, using the finest original blended flour, carefully selected ingredients, and handmade by the craftsmen from preparation to baking. The surface has a crispy texture. But inside is moist and sweet. We continue to stick to our unique manufacturing methods and ingredients, and have been completed under the concept of “not sweeter than cake and sweeter than bread” for over thirty years.

From the homepage of “Gion, Kyoto Boloniya”

Carefully selected ingredients and handcrafted fine bread from skilled craftsmen..

I’m drooling when I remember it.

What is Danish bread

I searched the internet, but there were few articles about Danish bread and it was on another bakery’s homepage.

Danish bread is a bread that was developed by Kyoto bakers over 30 years ago, thinking that “the taste of croissants can be made into bread”. Folded margarine and dough are layered in layers like pie dough. The big difference is that the bread is put into a baking mold, so it becomes a rectangle.

From the homepage of MIYABI BAKERY 1985

It is like a croissant in the form of bread.

I actually tried Danish bread, and it tasted sweet and I felt it was like bread.

“Gion, Kyoto Boloniya” ‘s popular No.1 Matcha Azuki(抹茶小豆) (291 yen)

This time, I had a rich matcha azuki(抹茶小豆), a popular No. 1 Danish bread from “Gion, Kyoto Boloniya”.

291 yen in two slices!

It looks small because my hands are big.

I was surprised when I took it, but it was really heavy.

Delicious is packed.

There are many azuki(小豆) inside Danish Bread.

The fiber of the bread is fine and Mochimochi(It’s chewy).

There are various types of Danish bread in the store.

I want to eat chocolate banana danish bread.

How to get to “Gion, Kyoto Boloniya”

“Gion, Kyoto Boloniya” is located on Higashi-ōji St. , where the West Gate of Yasaka Shrine(八坂神社) is located.

It takes about 5 minutes to “Gion, Kyoto Boloniya” from the West Gate of Yasaka Shrine(八坂神社).

“Gion, Kyoto Boloniya” is a 12-minute walk from Gion Shijo Station(祇園四条駅).

Detailed information of “Gion, Kyoto Boloniya”

Business hours 09:00am~06:00pm
Regular holiday None
Street address 〒605-0067 京都府京都市東山区 京都市東山区 三条東大路下がる稲荷町南組577
交通 12 minutes walk from Gion Shijo Station(祇園四条駅). 5 minutes walk from the West Gate of Yasaka shrine(八坂神社).
ホームページ http://boloniya1979.com/

The bread situation in Kyoto

In fact, there are so many bakery in Kyoto.

Kyoto is the second largest bakery location in Japan.

I have heard that the consumption of bread per person in a year is the highest in Japan.

It would be fun to travel around Kyoto with a bakery tour.

Thank you for reading to the end.

I hope it will be a reference for your trip to Kyoto.


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