My recommendation! The sign for Hanami-Koji Dori in Kyoto and Gion is at ○○.

花見小路通の情報まとめ(ランチや舞妓・座禅体験など) Kyoto Tourism

Hello. I am Mametako who the front desk staff at the hotel in Kyoto.

I will talk about Kyoto’s main street “Hanami-Koji Dori(花見小路通り)” in Gion in this article.

“Hanami-Koji Dori(花見小路通り)” is a very popular street for tourists.




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What kind of place is Gion’s main street “Hanami-Koji Dori(花見小路通り)”?

Located in the center of Gion, Hanami-Okichi Dori is a street where you can feel the Kyoto atmosphere with a restaurant and a teahouse.

Even if you don’t enter the shop, you can enjoy the walk just by looking at “Hanami-Koji Dori(花見小路通り)”.

“Hanami-Koji Dori(花見小路通り)”“Hanami-Koji Dori(花見小路通り)”

There are a lot of people taking photos.

There are some “Ochaya(お茶屋)” where Geisha works and “Okiya(置屋)” where the residence of Geisha around “Hanami-Koji Dori(花見小路通り)”, so if you are lucky, you will see Geisha on “Hanami-Koji Dori(花見小路通り)”.


My recommendation! “The signs of Hanami Kodo-dori is not at a telephone pole but at ○○”

There is no telephone pole on “Hanami-Koji Dori(花見小路通り)”.

Electrical cables underground and maintenance of cobblestones were completed in 2001, and it was transformed into an emotional cityscape. Wikipedia-Hanami Koji Dori Quote

This is what makes the city really nice.

Tourists often take pictures,

but I have never seen anyone taking photos of my recommendation.

I have been working in a lodging facility in Gion for about 2 years, and I often had the opportunity to walk on “Hanami-Koji Dori(花見小路通り)”, but no one found my recommendation.

It’s a waste! 

My recommendation is like a really typical Kyoto….

I would like to introduce my recommendation of the wonderful “Hanami-Koji Dori(花見小路通り)”, which was created with the device to create a beautiful town.

that is,

“road sign”.

However, it is different from an ordinary road sign.

The road sign for “Hanami-Koji Dori(花見小路通り)” is on the ground.

There are many people who take pictures of beautiful scenery and buildings like Kyoto, but if you pay attention to the ground,

Here. Is this not cute?

Surely this is all that everyone just doesn’t notice, and if they notice they will take a photo.

Please take a photo!

This is my recommendation.

Place of “Hanami-Koji Dori(花見小路通り)”

“Hanami-Koji Dori(花見小路通り)” is located just off Gion Shijo Station.

If you look at the map, “Hanami-Koji Dori(花見小路通り)” is really in the middle of Gion.

At the end of this article

What did you think? My Favorites.

There are a lot of nice things in Kyoto that we don’t usually notice.

We may find new discoveries if we walk while paying attention to details and things that we usually do not mind.

Geisha on “Hanami-Koji Dori(花見小路通り)”

It would be nice if you read my blog and get to know the fun of Kyoto.

Until the end Thank you for reading.


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