What is Kyoto Gion’s poetic style “Fukudama”? Maiko attends “kiritoshi-shinshindo”

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10 more days to go this year.

The workplace returned to Gion this month.

“Fukudama” I was curious a while ago. This time I would like to write about Fukudama, price, place to buy a bit.




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What is Fukudama?


A round ball of white and pink.

Originally it was a magazine of geikai maiko, and now tourists can also buy it as a souvenir.

Some say that there are auspicious items such as New Year ‘s zodiac, treasure ship and seven lucky gods.

asahi.com(朝日新聞社):紅白の縁起物、中身は何かな 祇園で「福玉」づくり - 列島こんな話

Although it seems to break from spite after passing the year, it seems necessary to be careful because it is made in the midst of whether the outside is a rice cake or not and is very fragile.

Fukudama can be purchased at “kiritoshi-shinshindo”

You can purchase three types of lucky balls at 5,250 yen large (7 sizes), 3,670 yen (6 shes 5 min) and 2,625 yen (6 s 5 min) at kiritoshi-shinshindo, which is very close to the Tatsumi bridge in Gion.

I wonder whether the luck goods inside will change due to the difference in price.

In kiritoshi-shinshindo , 600 pieces are made each year and they are suspended from the store.

Sales will end as soon as it is gone.

In the stage of December 21, it was suspended from 4 to 5 in the shop, so it may be able to purchase it even now.

I was sorry when I asked, so I want to buy it next year.


At the shop front of ,kiritoshi-shinshindo lucky balls signed by celebrities line up as well.

“kiritoshi-shinshindo”, Maiko goes well

I heard that “kiritoshi-shinshindo” is a coffee shop where Maiko goes well.

Inside the shop are rows of fan fans with entertainment of Maiko ‘s name and when they are having meals in the shop, the store seems to be “preparing”.


Egg sandwich was delicious.

Green ones, red ones


The jelly named by the store owner is sold at the shop from Maiko ‘s Maiko word.

It is an old-fashioned hard jelly, and it seems to be a habit to be moderately sweet.

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Kiritoshi-shinshindo is a short stroll to Shijō Tsu when going straight to Shijyo Street from the famous spot Tatsumi bridge in Gion.
I feel like I can explain something more intelligible but that kind of feeling.



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